• Raja Sengupta
    Associate Professor
    CEE: Systems
    UC Berkeley.

  • Lt-Col. José Morgado, PhD
    Lieutenant-Colonel at the Portuguese Air Force
    Director of the Research Center of the Portuguese Air Force Academy (CIAFA).

  • João Borges de Sousa
    Principal Investigator
    Underwater Systems and Technology Laboratory
    School of Engineering of Porto University.


  • Raja Sengupta
    Associate Professor
    CEE: Systems
    UC Berkeley.

  • Christoph Kirsch
    Professor and Chair
    The Computational Systems Group
    Department of Computer Sciences
    University of Salzburg.

  • Karl Hedrick
    James Marshall Wells Academic Chair
    Mechanical Engineering
    UC Berkeley.


  • Yaser P. Fallah
    Assistant Professor
    Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
    West Virginia University.

  • Liguo Zhang
    Associate Professor
    Electronic Information and Control Engineering
    Beijing University of Technology.

Recent Publications

C. Kirsch etc., Cyber-Physical Cloud Computing: The Binding and Migration Problem. [pdf]

J. Love, Network-Level Control of Collaborative UAVs.[pdf]

S. Craciunas, J. Love etc., Information-Acquisition-as-a-Service for Cyber-Physical Cloud Computing.[pdf]

J. Love etc., CSL: A Language to Specify and Re-Specify Mobile Sensor Network Behaviors.[pdf]


Center for Collaborative Control of Unmanned Vehicles (C3UV)

The Computational Systems Group at the University of Salzburg

Vehicle Dynamics and Control Lab (VDL)