CPCC Lab @ UC Berkeley and University of Salzburg

The Cyber-Physical cloud computing project explores the interaction of ubiquitous computing, cloud computing, robotics, and oceanic science. Its products include a bridging model, motivated by the von Neumann model, but for ubiquitous computing, a new virtualization called the virtual vehicle motivated by the virtual machine, UAV operations for ship detection, coastal front imaging, and oil spill monitoring.


  • Raja Sengupta
    CEE: Systems
    UC Berkeley.

  • Lt-Col. José Morgado, PhD
    Lieutenant-Colonel at the Portuguese Air Force
    Director of the Research Center of the Portuguese Air Force Academy (CIAFA).

  • João Borges Sousa
    Principal Investigator
    Underwater Systems and Technology Laboratory
    School of Engineering of Porto University.


  • Raja Sengupta
    CEE: Systems
    UC Berkeley.

  • Christoph Kirsch
    Professor and Chair
    The Computational Systems Group
    Department of Computer Sciences
    University of Salzburg.

  • Karl Hedrick
    James Marshall Wells Academic Chair
    Mechanical Engineering
    UC Berkeley.

Research Interests

  • Cyber Physical Networked Systems, Networked Embedded Systems.

  • Spatial Queueing Theory.

  • Computer Networks, Wireless and Mobile Communications

  • Robotics, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Vehicle Safety, Vehicular Communication and Networking

Recent Publications

Foina, A., Sengupta, R., Lerchi, P., Liu, Z., and Krainer, C. "Drones in Smart Cities: Overcoming Barriers through Air Traffic Control Research", RED-UAS 2015.[pdf]

Huang, J., Kirsch, C., and Sengupta, R. "Cloud Computing in Space", accepted at JOC 2015.[pdf]

Huang, J. and Sengupta, R. "System Time Distribution of Dynamic Traveling Repairman Problem under the PART-n-TSP Policy", ECC 2015.[pdf]

Foina, A., Krainer, C., and Sengupta, R. "An Unmanned Aerial Traffic Management Solution for Cities Using an Air Parcel Model", ICUAS 2015 .[pdf]

Pereira, E., Krainer, C., Silva, P., Kirsch, C., and Sengupta, R. "A Runtime System For Logical-Space Programming", CPSWeek'15.[pdf]

Sevegnani, M. and Pereira, E., "Towards a bigraphical encoding of actors", MeMo 2014.[pdf]

Krainer, C. and Kirsch, C. "Cyber-Physical Cloud Computing Implemented as PaaS", CyPhy'14.[pdf]

Pereira, E., Silva, P., Krainer, C., Kirsch, C., Morgado, J., and Sengupta, R. "A Networked Robotic System and its Use in an Oil Spill Monitoring Exercise", ESWeek'13.[pdf]


Center for Collaborative Control of Unmanned Vehicles (C3UV)

The Computational Systems Group at the University of Salzburg

Vehicle Dynamics and Control Lab (VDL)